I had an easy and privileged childhood. Everything I asked for was given to me. I was also an introvert who loved to be on my own and read novels or think. I preferred the company of books to people. In my SS 2 (5th year of secondary school), I started having sex because everyone thought I was such a good girl and no one really paid attention to me. It was then that I started to lose my self-esteem. The boyfriend I lost my virginity to left me for another girl in class and I was so broken to the extent that I started cutting myself. This continued for a while. 

When I got to university, I had other boyfriends. In year 4 of university, my boyfriend broke up with me because I cheated on him. I didn’t care, so it didn’t matter much. After that, I started drinking, smoking, masturbating and having casual sex (friends with benefits). I got pregnant and aborted it. Yet as much as I regretted the abortion, I couldn’t stop having casual sex. 

I later met this guy and one of the first things I told him was that I had an abortion (to scare him off). I felt I didn’t deserve anyone or anything good. He stuck by me and after two dates, he told me he would marry me. Today, after a lot of challenges faced together, we are happily married with twin boys. I can’t thank God enough for bringing him into my life. He saved me from my habits. I’m married to my best friend.

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