(Part 2/2) I pray at midnight and one night I couldn’t pray. I was just crying. Yeah, my parents were there for me, but then they were not really there. My sister was quickly catching up with me. She was in primary school, finished secondary school and still met me at the same point. Things were working out well for everyone in my family except me. My parents couldn’t really point out what was making me go down the path of Christianity, as I wasn’t really getting any help from being a Christian. Sometimes they would shout at me and my sisters would speak to me disrespectfully. 

So on that particular night I was trying to pray but couldn’t. I slept and woke up at past 3am to use the toilet, and God just told me “Check the admissions list again.” I’m like, “Really? I’ve checked it before, and it’s been months.” So I didn’t bother. I went back to bed. At about past 5am in the morning (that’s the time everyone wakes up to pray), I didn’t have peace. I just wanted to check the list. I didn’t have the JAMB slip again but my dad had a copy and he gave it to me. As I checked online, my name popped up, my full name, my course, my picture, everything was correct and out of shock I threw my phone away. I was like, “It’s not possible.” My family didn’t understand what was happening, so when I calmed down, I checked again. I was screaming and everyone at home was so excited. I was in tears. 

After this, the Devil tried to steal my joy because my name had been out for months, and people had already started receiving lectures. I went to school to see if I could still pay the acceptance fee and all. My dad knew someone in school that could help, so we gave him the acceptance fee. He didn’t do anything for a whole month, and we didn’t hear from him. Apparently registration hadn’t closed, so I had to look for money. I paid, registered and resumed classes. School had done some tests and all. My GPA first semester wasn’t what I expected and it broke me a little bit, but it was okay. I kept on getting better, had a bit of carryovers here and there. But I’m now in my final year at university.

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