I was born catholic. I grew up in a catholic home and went to a catholic school and church. I got baptised and was confirmed but I never understood a word in the Bible. Growing up, it was very difficult to understand the things I read.  

When I was 14, I went to church and fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues. 

I began to read the Bible. I received a revelation of God’s word and started understanding things about Jesus on my own. This happened quickly. 

After my revelation of the kingdom of God, I decided to share my faith with my friends at the office. Everyone I met, I shared with. The funny thing is they all connected to me. They kept telling me to have a YouTube channel where I could share, but I refused and said I was still in the process of learning. 

I remember preaching at a very small church. We (Timothy Bentum, Pascal Amanfo and I) decided to pray for the congregation one by one. As I laid my hands on people, they fell under the power of the spirit. Then the news came out that Majid is a pastor because they were surprised to see me laying hands on people in church. How does an actor pray for people and then the spirit manifests? So, that’s how the news came out. But before this, we had been to Uganda, Cameroon and Kenya to preach the word of God.

Since then, the Lord has been sending us to places to do his work and it’s been good. We have surrendered completely to the Spirit of God. We don’t go to places with the enticing words of man’s wisdom, but rather with demonstrations of the power of God.  

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