(Part 1/2) I spent too many years dabbling in all kinds of things, not knowing my way, stumbling here and there. I got to a point where everything I was doing, as good as it was, didn’t give me any fulfilment. There was something missing. I knew it was God because I had been born again very early. But I spent years away from the faith and lived life on my terms. And so, I knew I had to return to the original plan of God for my life. 
It wasn’t a dramatic encounter; it was just me looking back and feeling an emptiness and knowing only God’s purpose for my life could bring fulfilment, peace and joy.

I had a reawakening. My eyes popped open and all of my naughtiness was laid bare before me. It just made sense to me that I had strayed and was my own boss. If you look at what the Bible says about the prodigal son; he wasn’t such a bad guy, he just wanted control over his life, and that’s what we all do. We are not necessarily bad people. We just want control. We don’t want to live life on God’s terms.

I felt like there had to be more to life. It couldn’t  just be about making films and looking for the next project, and going to this hotel and going for that award, and waiting to go to America.
I did a couple of things I wanted to do, like go to Vegas. I came back and said, “Is this it?” So, I had a reawakening and I was lucky to find the mercy and grace of God. I reached for it and said, “God I do not want to spend the next minute living life on my own terms. From today, I choose to live for divine purpose. My next intake of oxygen will be by your will. Every single thing I do will be heaven propelled.”
Immediately I said those words, I started crying and worshiping. I kept saying, “God I consecrate myself. I separate myself for your use from this day onward.” I woke up the next morning and felt new. I didn’t even have money at the time and trying times were coming.

(Part 2/2) After I made my stand for God known, all hell broke loose. I wasn’t called for jobs and my finances were attacked. I had one year of trouble but within me I knew that it was well and I had peace and fulfilment that I wasn’t going to trade for anything else. 

Prior to this time, I was struggling so much with sexual immorality. It was a big struggle because I was in an industry where sex came easy and because it was the norm, it was acceptable. It was no big deal and it was a lifestyle. You could go for an award show, meet a pretty lady, exchange numbers, and be with her that night. It was the showbiz lifestyle. It was a sin that so easily beset me.
I understand grace and I understand mercy, but, I made a personal covenant with God. I remember standing in my room one night and I said, “God besides the covenant of the New Testament, the covenant of the finished work of Jesus on the cross of Calvary, I make a covenant with you today. If I’m going to slip at 12 noon, take my life at 11.59″.
I said these words and they were not theologies, because theologians can break it down and say, “No, Jesus has finished it all for you.” I understand all of that, but this was coming from a place of struggle, I was tired of going around my mountain. I had come to a place where I felt like there was fire in my bones and I was so mad at the devil and myself for being foolish. It’s been five, going on six years since that time.
Now as I preach around Africa, I see young people who are bound by the same things and I share my experience with them. Even before I pray, people are falling under the power.

I see people who are tied to pornography, masturbation and all kinds of filth because it’s a major spiritual plague on young people and social media makes it easy. So, I’m particularly drawn to that and I’ve ministered to countless people. 

I do purpose-driven conferences, helping people understand that there’s a purpose for their lives and breaking them from whatever it is that’s clouding their vision. The conferences release them to go with fire. Wherever we go, be it the market place or wherever, it’s about affecting lives and revealing Jesus to them. 

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