Derex Briggs

I recently had an issue with the police and was locked up for 4 days for a crime I didn’t commit. I was picked up randomly on the road during my prayer walk.

My experience with the police changed me, but in a positive way. I used to be very impulsive. I could get a call from Abuja and take off the next minute. Now I don’t do that again. I have become calmer. If I want to travel, I don’t do so abruptly. I plan. In general, I am now more security conscious.

The experience didn’t dampen my passion, it increased it. I could have languished in prison but because God had used me and I’d been a blessing to so many people, they noticed I’d gone silent on social media. Several people started calling my numbers. My friend broke into my house, found my phone and saw about 200 missed calls. That’s how a “missing person’s” post of me went viral on social media. If I was living a self-focused life, who would have remembered me or asked questions?

People look at me and they are like, “Despite challenges, you are still able to do what you do.” Well, God has been faithful. I’ve started a TV show. I’m a speaker, trainer and small business consultant.

I want to encourage every youth out there to look within. There’s something on your inside that the world is supposed to benefit from.


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