Winter Amadin

I was in a cult in secondary school.

Because I had an innocent look, I was bullied. I got to a point where I got tired of it. In my 3rd year in secondary school, someone very close to me introduced me to a cult. I remember the day of my initiation. I was blindfolded and the process was a grueling and painful one.

Something happened during our inter-house sports. A cult group came from another school to attack my group and in the process, one of our top members was killed. The person who introduced me to the cult and I were able to escape. That was how I left the cult. After the incident, there was a long holiday, and we got born again, thanks to my sister. I held on to God and became very committed in church.

I got into university and things were not happening the way I expected them to. I didn’t have money. In my 200 level during the strike (3 months), I was introduced to internet fraud aka Yahoo Yahoo. The cash started coming in, but I was not settled. I was living large at school but I couldn’t support anyone at home. They would wonder where I got the money from. My conscience haunted me.

In my early 300 level, the Holy Spirit told me if I didn’t stop it, it would become a problem. Meanwhile, my sister had a dream and told me in the presence of everyone during our morning devotion, that she had a dream about me and she had a feeling I was already doing fraud. She told me, “If you’re actually doing this, you’re eating from your future.” That’s what got to me.

I stopped doing Yahoo Yahoo. My friends laughed at me and said I would run back to it after a month. I didn’t. I won’t lie, it was difficult, financially. But God’s word kept me going.

Today, I’m living a beautiful life. Who says God cannot do it for you? You don’t have to make money through illegal means. You can make good money when you trust in God.






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