My boss once told me I would never make it in broadcasting.

At another radio station I worked with, my Head of Programs called as I was about to write a test in school. I told him I had a test and he told me to pick one, my education or radio. I chose to stay in school, but I thank God I didn’t lose my job. I graduated with good grades even while I was on radio.

After a great career on radio as an undergraduate and as a corper, I just couldn’t get a full time job on radio. Instead, I got a regular 9-5 job.

I sent proposals to radio stations with my ideas, but got no feedback. At a point, I got tired but the Holy Spirit told me, “You don’t need a proposal to start a Facebook Page, a Twitter account or a blog.” And that was it.

In January 2012, I opened a Facebook account and started to share the content I would have shared on radio. A week after I started a blog and people began to send their songs to me to publish. It was small, but I was fulfilled.

On June 1, 2012, Praise World Radio emerged.


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