I grew up in the ghetto, Ajegunle to be precise. Looking at me, you’ll never know.

My parents played a huge role in protecting my sisters and I. They limited our play times and guys weren’t allowed to visit us. Life in the ghetto was interesting.

Growing up, the word of God also kept me. I took to the word of God voraciously.

I grew up in the same neighbourhood as Pita, David Nkennor and Chika. All of us were music freaks. We were all balling those days in the ghetto. We knew what we wanted and I’m really happy that when we see ourselves now, we are like, “Oh you remember those days?” and we laugh.

People now want to be part of what God is doing in our lives. They want to use our platforms and that is a miracle.

One of the thing that helped my friends and I was that we saw the end result. We knew there was more to us. We are about changing lives and reaching out to the world with our music, the word of God, our lifestyle, self-image and personality.

Wherever you are, know this, you can change the world.


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