It was the year 2010 on a Sunday evening. I got a call from my elder sister for me to go see my dad because he was a bit ill.

On Monday morning at 5am, we set out early to avoid the long queues at the general hospital. We saw the doctor and my dad was referred to LUTH. The doctors were on strike and so we went to the teaching hospital in Ogun state. They were also on strike. We had to go to UCH Ibadan. There, we slept in our bus and didn’t see the consultant until the 3rd day.

A scan was done for my dad and we were told one kidney was cancerous and the other was badly damaged. His diabetes had also gone up. Twenty tests were recommended and the least of the tests was about N60,000. The only thing we knew to do was to pray. We had no money; we had gathered all we had for his treatments. However, money started coming in.

While on his sick bed, my dad would tell me, “I know there is God and he has everything sorted. All I would like you to do is pray.”

We eventually got the results of the last test and it was revealed that there was no kidney failure, no cancer and everything was intact. My dad was discharged after 3 months and we went back home.

In 2015, my dad was admitted again at Igbobi Orthopaedic Hospital because of the diabetes. His leg was infected and it was eating up his veins, so his leg had to be amputated. People really supported us financially and God provided.

I remember on one occasion my dad died in the hospital but he came back after 2 hours. Every night before leaving the hospital, I would hold his hands and we would pray.

As if my dad knew he was going to pass away soon, he kept thanking all of us and prayed for us.

Eventually, my dad passed away. I just know he’s in a better place now.


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