I was born with sickle cell anaemia and I went through a lot of pain growing up.

I remember a time in secondary school when I was sweeping. I fell and couldn’t move. I was taken to the hospital and couldn’t go back to school until after 2 months. The amazing thing is, despite the hassle of being a sickler, I would still finish top of my class, I was either 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

When I wanted to go to UNILAG, I did a series of tests, including a genotype test. Before that time, I’d believed God for my genotype to change. I remember one time in church, I came out be prayed for and I felt the hand of God.

When it was time for me to submit my medicals at UNILAG, I did a genotype test at the lab. The result came out as AA. I told the woman to do it again, that it’s not possible because I’m a sickler. She redid the test 6 times and it came out as AA. I no longer had sickle cell anaemia.

I’m a medical lab scientist and I know it’s not possible for someone’s genotype to switch medically. Therefore, what happened to me is a miracle and I thank God.


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