Bayor Emmanuel

I grew up in a separated home, and it really affected me. It was hard for me to love.

I was afraid of having a broken marriage, so I didn’t care about breaking up my relationships. I just didn’t want a broken marriage. I was scared of being heartbroken and I was looking for perfection, not knowing that I wasn’t giving myself as well. I was also abused by an aunt. It’s not only girls that people take advantage of. Boys are victims too.

I lived in the ghetto area of Ogudu, where I woke up in the morning to carry sand from the water into the boat around Iyanoworo.

One day my mum told me she had to beg someone on the road for transport fare to return home. My heart broke and I promised myself that whatever it takes, I would succeed. My mum has played a huge role to make that happen and I really appreciate her. My dad too did his best, in his own way.

Right now, I am standing strong and blessing lives with my music.


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