My family is a very disciplined one, with rules like, “No visiting friends”, “No late nights”, “No going out.” I could only make friends at school and in church.

The fear of my parents wouldn’t make me talk to a guy about academics, not to talk of him toasting me, lol. I was considered to be a novice and quite innocent and I was. I was brilliant, but I lacked confidence.

A family friend was living with us. He was much older, and he kept making serious advances towards me. He had issues with my mum and left to rent an apartment.

Like the biblical Tamar, I was made to visit him with food after he complained that he was sick. He raped me with a knife in his hand, while saying he was taking revenge for my mum’s actions towards him. I got home bruised and broken, but I couldn’t tell anyone.

A lot happened after this incident. I did a lot of things, had a couple of abortions and almost got married for the wrong reasons, but God saved me.

It’s been a really long journey since then, but today, I am healed, whole and can boldly say I am a better person!

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