Growing up, I was considered unintelligent. My grades in primary and secondary school were bad. I tried unsuccessfully to get into 3 universities. I eventually got into a private one, Oduduwa University in Ile Ife.

I was determined to make it in school. In 100 level I had a 1st class CGPA. People were amazed. I didn’t feel like I was intelligent, but I knew how to utilize resources and information. I had this confession that I used in school, “I’m endowed with knowledge, I’m endowed with wisdom and I’m endowed with understanding.”

I started teaching 100 level students. I charged 50 Naira per head and I’d have about 70 people in a class. I also began giving piano lessons. I was the music director at the school’s chapel from 200 level until I graduated.

I ended up graduating with a first class degree in Business Administration and with the highest cumulative GPA in school. This was the boy who was average in primary and secondary school.


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