I was 7, when I was raped by my uncle and this happened until I was 9.

One day, I saw my younger sister crying. She was 6. She said her private part was hurting her. He had raped my sister too. I burst into tears. I had to report to my parents. The reason I didn’t tell all the while, was because I was being threatened. My parents sent my uncle away and they were really upset.

I was left with sexual urges, which wasn’t funny. It led to masturbation as a child. I was going to church. I knew I loved God, I knew I needed to be strong for myself and for my future. I knew I had to be responsible. Every time I had urges or crazy thoughts came into my head, I would break down and cry to God. It was not easy for me as a child.

I was fighting emotionally and spiritually. I almost started liking girls at one point but that didn’t last for long. All of a sudden, I noticed everything stopped; the urges, the thoughts, everything.

I’m so grateful to God for saving me.


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