In primary 4, I would go to parties and hang out with boys. I was very popular in 1004 Estate back then. If there’s another word for wayward, I would use it to describe how I was. The only good thing was I was very intelligent academically.

When I got into secondary school, I got worse. I was suspended for 2 weeks as a new student and was lucky to be called back. I began to smoke weed in SS2. I couldn’t do without smoking and drinking. My mum would cry when I would get drunk. I remember a time I was so drunk, I slept by the soakaway outside the house.

This continued in university. I would dress up like a guy. My house was for smoking weed and drinking. Even cult members would meet up at my place.

In the midst of all my waywardness, there was a part of me that wanted to be great. During NYSC, I started going to schools to motivate students. NTA heard about it, so I started a program with them called, ‘Young Heart’. The things I was saying every Monday on TV weren’t me. I would motivate people but I was living a lie.

I eventually found Christ and my life has not been the same. I went to Bible school and God told me he calls the unqualified and not just the qualified.

I now lead a ministry called SWAG (saved with amazing grace). My life is a testimony of God’s grace.


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