I Just Want to Write my WAEC

Nigerian student in uniform

My eyes got worse like three months ago. For a long time, I could not see things that were far but it was never this bad. I struggled through secondary school and battled seriously with my eye defect, yet I have been passing my exams.

I remember when I had to stay back at home since I couldn’t see the blackboard. I cried every morning when my siblings left for school and I had to stay home. It really hurt because I want to write my WAEC. I have been looking forward to it since I got into secondary school.

My ears hurt occasionally, too. I notice some liquid substance coming out of my ears, sometimes with pain, but I don’t care about my ears. I would just like to see well again. I’m the only one who really helps my mother at home. My siblings are too young and they play too much. That’s another thing I keep in mind, to remind myself that I will not go blind.

I decided I’d go with my siblings to school and just listen to the lessons since writing is impossible. I’m happier now and trying to get used to my painful reality.

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