My Dad Insists on Marrying my Friend

When my mother died giving birth to me, my paternal grandmother moved in with my dad to take care of me. After she passed on when I was 17, my dad and I lived together alone. Despite pressure from other family members and me, my dad refused to remarry. He didn’t even get into any relationship.

I met my girlfriend during my housemanship. She introduced me to her friend, also a doctor. Let me call her friend Kate. We all became friends, and one day, I introduced Kate to my dad. That was when the story started changing.

My dad who had blatantly refused to get involved with any woman since my mum died suddenly became interested in Kate. I know I should have been happy that he was ready to love again but his relationship with Kate, who is a year younger than me, made me very uncomfortable.

I politely told Kate to stay away from my dad, but she was adamant. This eventually led to a quarrel between my dad and me. She is just 24. My dad is 51, for goodness sake! She is also my friend. How can she be in a romantic relationship with my father? 

They are presently planning their wedding and I have made up my mind not to attend. Surprisingly, my girlfriend supports their union. I have told her that if she attends the wedding, that will be the end of our relationship. 

Yes, I have become a bitter person, but do I care? No! I believe they all should know better.

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