(Part 2/4) I had seizures in my 200 level that weren’t too serious but when I got to my 300 level, everything came crashing down. I had a seizure that put me in a coma for 2 weeks. While in the coma, though my body wasn’t moving, my mind was active and I saw a lot of creepy things. I could see my sister’s husband in my subconscious state come to the hospital to pray for me. 

I was in the school’s teaching hospital during this period. Because of how critical I was, an ICU was created for me. I had a friend who would come to see me every day. He would give me a download of what went on in class every single day, morning and night while I was in a coma. Sometimes he would read me a novel. My mum took a video and the day I saw it I cried, because it was like he was talking to a dead person. 

While in the coma I became a size 12. I was so bloated and my body kept retaining fluid. 10 litres of fluid were removed from my lungs. I couldn’t eat so I had a pipe from my nose down to my throat. I was being fed baby food. My mum kept on praying. I was also praying in my subconscious and the only word that came was Psalms 121. When I came out of the coma I had diplopia i.e. double vision, I could see like 10 images of one person. I also had bed sores and couldn’t walk anymore.

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