(Part 3/4) In 2014, in my 400 level first semester I had another seizure in my pastor’s office and was rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, I wasn’t responding and suddenly I just shut down – my heart, my lungs, every single organ shut down. I was declared dead. After 5 minutes, I woke up. Everyone was like, “Blood of Jesus! What’s going on?” I woke up and it was like nothing happened. It seemed like I was just waking up from sleep. I didn’t even know I had a seizure. I was okay. 

I had another seizure 400 level 2nd semester a day before my exam. Unfortunately, my entire 400 level was wasted. I had to redo the year. First semester, I wrote the exam. I passed and was happy. I travelled to England during the winter break and went to Saint John’s hospital to see a neurosurgeon. He picked up my left knee and hit it. He then realised I have brisk joint i.e. my knee is quick to jerk at the slightest touch. I was told that there are only 10 people in the world that have my condition called Status Epilepticus (seizure disorder). I was told that my case was the first case in Africa and I would be used as a case study. I did an EEG scan and realised that my brain was really hyperactive too. The doctor was amazed because the only people that have my condition are extremely old people or infants, so they couldn’t understand how it happened. At that point, I had done 15 CT and MRI scans in my life.

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