In 2011, I resigned from a renowned organisation to compete in Project Fame season 4. It was a miracle I got in because I had applied using my Airtel number, which was an automatic disqualification. I remember when they called they said “First of all, we are calling you on an alien line. This has never happened before. Get an MTN number and call us back.” I picked up my boss’s phone and called back and was told I had gotten in. My boss tried to discourage me from resigning, I was in my 5th month of probation. I had just one more month left before being confirmed. My job was the kind you do not resign from, they retire you. My mum would come into my room in the middle of the night to ask if I was sure this was what I really wanted to do. 

Got into Project Fame; it was a great experience though I came in eighth. Then I came back into the real world. A lot of things happened. There were so many challenges. I wasn’t getting gigs regularly. I was getting broke. My family kept on asking if I was sure this was what I wanted to do. They would tell me to go dust off my certificate and get a job. I faced a lot of disappointments, but I kept finding the strength to go on. 

Eventually, things started to pick up. I met with producers, sang a couple of songs, my songs started getting air play, I was on radio a couple of times. I did TV interviews. I started to get gigs. Things were going well. I was trying to get signed to a record label but it was not quite working out. Apparently, God had bigger plans for me. Things started happening for me that even people under record labels were coming to me for help. 

I started gaining serious recognition. I dropped a song that became really major and was getting reviews from around the world. Today, I have recorded songs with major artists, sung with international artists. I’m getting calls from people saying they want to sing with me. I can look back and say that God has been really good to me. I am totally not doing anything. It is just God’s favour and how He has looked upon me with mercy.

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