(Part 1/2) My young life became hard when my family suffered a difficult blow to our finances. My parents sold all they had to meet our basic needs. Life became so tough and harsh that I just couldn’t adjust. I started drug dealing, drug using, doing advance fee fraud (419) and so on. By the time I got into university, I was using everything from marijuana to cocaine. I joined a cult and then my violent life began. Think of anything negative, I’ve done it. 

I was in school but I wasn’t a student. I stopped going to class and was failing every year. My nuisance value on campus became so much. Drugs messed me up so badly that I would drool saliva and not even know I was doing so until someone tapped me to tell me. My words weren’t audible too. 

2 months to my final exam I couldn’t take it anymore; everything was upside down. I left school not caring and went home. Back home, the next thing I tried to do was to get out of the country. It was the popular thing at the time. I tried so hard to get a passport but to no avail so I used a fake one. I was disappointed and lost so much money in the process. I was finally duped of all the money I had. I got tired of everything – drugs, girls and life. Nothing was working. Everything I tried to do wasn’t working.

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