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(Part 5/5) I’m trying to make the most of a bad situation and I am using my own experience to try to help others who are going through an amputation. I try to be there for them and to talk to them about the mental, emotional and spiritual toll it can take. Occasionally, I help out financially too. I am part of the IREDE FOUNDATION where we provide free prosthetic limbs for children under 18, and especially for those whose families can’t afford it.

It has not been easy but God has been faithful. I’m forever grateful to all those who have supported us and the founder, Crystal Chigbu and Beulah, a child amputee and the reason the foundation was set up. Beulah is just eight years old and inspires me so much. Every time I feel down and out, I think about her and the amazing way she’s dealing with everything.

My career path is still unfolding but I know that there’s so much God has called me to do. My name is Adenike Oyetunde. I am a cancer survivor and an amputee in Lagos, Nigeria.

I am a fun person and good food really excites me. I also hope to learn how to swim soon. I can drive a trailer to any part of the world – just give me a smooth road. I plan to ride a bicycle someday. I still want to scuba dive and I want to enjoy my life.

I am learning and hoping to be at the centre of God’s will. Some days I don’t feel like I am. Some days I feel I am off track but other days I feel his hands on my shoulder and he’s literally saying, “I’m walking on this journey with you.”

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