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(Part 2/3) I continued living the life and I got myself another car, some months after my accident. My madness was now doubled. I was doing the same things. I became a sugar daddy, importing girls from outside the country. So many things were going on. Everything was just a cruise and trips to me. I entirely forgot that every human being has a purpose on earth and that my path took me away from my purpose. My only purpose at the time, was to make money, to enjoy my life and to take care of the ladies that were around me.

I got robbed one night and this time, the robbers pointed a gun at my head and said, ‘Biggy if you do anyhow, you go see anyhow.’ I thought that was it and told myself, ‘This time I’m done and I want to face God.’ But as I now say, if truly you don’t understand the love of God and the fear of God, and you rely on your strength to change, you’re only deceiving yourself. It’s just going to last for a while.

I sobered up after the robbery but still went back to my old ways. Now, it was triple what I used to do. I believe that when you get delivered and you don’t have a God foundation, your demons will come back 7 times stronger. That’s what happened. So every time I repented and went back to my old ways, the devil came back with his family and neighbours. *laughs*

Armed robbers came to my house yet again. They probably heard that there was a big boy in the area. They robbed me, beat me, took all my valuables; my laptop, money, jewellery and perfumes and I thought they were going to kill me.
Afterwards I told myself, ‘Soji, let’s do this now for God. Enough is enough.’

I started living for God, but I was walking in righteousness by laws and religion which at the end of the day, still failed. My alcohol level and the use of drugs increased. I was taking marijuana, and smoking and drinking heavily. I didn’t even care until the last incident that happened that eventually brought me to Christ.
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