In October while I was taking a nap in the office, I had a seizure in my sleep. I was rushed to a nearby hospital, but when the hospital staff couldn’t manage me, my folks were called and I was taken to the family hospital. At the hospital, I was informed that I needed to do an MRI. I did that and the result showed that there was a tumour on the covering of my brain.

A neurosurgeon was invited to the hospital and he said we had two weeks’ maximum to take out the tumour. I never thought this sort of thing would ever happen to me. In fact, nobody ever imagines this kind of stuff happening to them.

After I had the surgery, I was discharged but I started reacting to the drugs. It was an Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR). In fact, it seemed worse than the surgery. Rashes spread all over my body. My tongue, mouth and genitals were not spared but the Almighty had his finger on me.

I am well now and it doesn’t even feel like I experienced all these in the last couple of months. It still amazes me how quick my recovery was.

I appreciate everyone who stood by me through the entire experience – family members, friends and colleagues at work. I just stand in awe of God. A thousand tongues are not enough to say thank you to him.

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