I studied Law and in year 3, I knew Law was not for me. I had to graduate so I endured.
I graduated with a 3rd class and didn’t even graduate with my set. I didn’t pass despite reading hard. Mehn, Law was tough, from citing cases and sections, to applying principles and rules to questions, and so much more. Yes, I felt bad at some point, especially when my mates graduated and I was still in school. I was a leader in a campus fellowship and people said all sorts of things about me. I felt like a disappointment to my family because all my siblings had provided good examples.
On the day I found out I would not be graduating with my set, coincidentally, it was fellowship time, so after I got the news I went straight for fellowship. The promise I picked from the Bible was Micah 7:8 – “Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me.” I held on to that verse and declared it over my life for a long time, I pushed myself towards massive exposure with the support of my brother.
Honestly, God has been with me and grace has stood me out. I am not trying to be humble or spiritual, but I am a God made man. I have not done anything beyond the ordinary in my own eyes but grace always transformed my ordinary to outstanding milestones. I am a voice in brand management and marketing communications and I still do not know how. I have had fun working on some brands that became leaders in their category, winning awards and making more returns.
I have invites to teach and speak about brand development and management for personal and corporate brands. I have also received calls to advise new and dying brands. Some years ago, I got an invite to speak at Social Media Week and I honestly do not know how. Last year, I was awarded young brand manager of the year by Marketing Edge.
My success is a result of God’s grace.

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