In January 2014, a doctor said the nerve on the left side of my face was dying. Another said it was a partial stroke. I Googled and the information online said Bell’s Palsy. The left side of my face droped 5 inches, just like that. There were signs, but I didn’t know. I thought I was just tired.
I was depressed and sad. I cried and couldn’t resume school. I was in Ghana all by myself and didn’t know who to go to. 
I called my mum and told her the left side of my face was dropping. 
I couldn’t keep water in my mouth because it spilled out. At bedtime, I had to pull my left eye together because it would still be open. I couldn’t taste anything because my tongue was dead. My speech changed too and I was scared. 
Three women were in my house during this period. I met them on the bus. It was their first time in Ghana and they asked where they could get an affordable hotel. I told them to manage my room with me. Our meeting (and me asking them to stay in my house was God’s plan). I didn’t know them from anywhere. If they were not there, I probably would have committed suicide. But, God planted them in my life the night before it all started and they were like Angels. 
Mum called her pastor, her pastor called me and prayers started. 
The doctor said some people don’t recover and if I’m lucky my face would go back to normal. I was told not to put pressure on the face; anger or sadness. How would I not be sad in my predicament? 
The doctor said there was no medicine for my condition, but he advised that I take Vitamin C and an antibiotic that was so expensive, I couldn’t afford it.  I turned to God. (It’s funny because I couldn’t remember the last time I prayed until this happened). “Lord, I know I hardly talk to you but I’m in trouble and I need you to fix me please. You created me, so please if you have any spare part that belongs to me, now is the time to use it”, I prayed. Does God laugh? If he does, then he must have had a good laugh that day.
God started his work on me. He heard my cry and listened. He fixed and remoulded me and made me even more beautiful.

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