Iphie Chuks-Aduzie

After my first child, I had an ectopic pregnancy, which would have killed me. I went to the hospital and at some point, my doctor came to my bedside and poked a needle straight into my tummy to draw some blood. He literally lost it. He told the staff to get the theatre ready immediately.

The surgery to save me was conducted by 1am and 2.5 litres of blood was found in my stomach. This was bad, as that’s almost 75% of the total blood in a human being situated in the wrong place!

God did it and my surgery was successful! Afterwards, I became more focused than ever, on living with purpose. I knew God had called me to help women but I had been battling with it. I eventually started Deluxe Childbirth Services in 2012 as the first legitimate US childbirth concierge service in the world, teaching and helping moms have their babies in the US the legitimate way and at affordable costs. We have facilitated the birth of over 300 babies and also partnered with USAID and UNFPA to improve maternal care in the IDP camps.

Interestingly, despite having one tube, I had 2 kids in the 2 years after my surgery. God is good.


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