Once, I almost landed a record deal with a major record label in Nigeria.

When I gave my life to Christ, I began to ask God what he wants me to do. He told me, if he could use a rod in Moses’ hand, how much more the talent he has given me.

I told God I was not going to beg for studio time or do the things I used to do to make money. (I used to be a Yahoo boy). So I started selling magazines on the streets in traffic, mostly at Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, in front of Sheraton. I remember telling myself that one day  I was going to sell out Sheraton during one of my performances. I also worked as a security guard across Sheraton at the Unity Centre. The interesting thing is this year, I am holding a concert at the same Sheraton.

I thank God for standing behind me and for pushing me. The same boy that was once addicted to weed, alcohol and sex is the one who now ministers to people in song.


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