I Just Want to Make God Proud

christian lady

My work as a creative had become an idol of sorts, and I felt the need to prove that I could make it. At a point, people took advantage of that. I got tired of having to fight for every little thing.

When I went back to God, I made it clear that all I wanted was Him. I spent time in total submission, ready to do whatever His will demanded. Because of how much I talked about God and His Word, people usually teased me, saying I was going to be a pastor. The idea of being boxed in did not go down well with me. I did not like the stereotype that because I was passionate about God, it meant I had to be a pastor. So I always protested the idea, well, not from a place of surrender.

At the point of re-dedication, it was more about me saying, “Lord, even if my call is to leave everything about arts and fit into stereotypical expectations, I will do it because all I want is you. Indeed, you are my ambition”. For some time, I had been struggling with being more creative with my work, but, thankfully, God intervened. He helped me put things in a new perspective and taught me a lot about my work. I understood story-telling differently, and that has influenced my work remarkably.

My drive for work changed, from trying to prove people wrong to creating materials that help people understand and appreciate God and the world He made. I wake up every day intending always to play my part while making Him proud. The best part is, I don’t have to figure out everything at once. As I trust in God, He always leads me on the right path for His namesake and glory.

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