In 2014, I was Diagnosed with Cancer

In 2014, they diagnosed me with cancer. It devastated my family. The news hit us really hard because we had just lost a loved one to the dreaded disease and were still struggling to recover from the painful loss.

To combat the disease, my family took me from one hospital to another where several pills were prescribed to relieve me of the incessant pain and discomfort. Some of the painkillers were quite advanced for my age. I even had to undergo several surgeries. It got to a point where I realised I had nothing else except my faith in God.

The following year, I attended a church service and had to sit in the overflow because I arrived late. The preacher taught and prayed for the sick during the service. Then she mentioned that the Holy Spirit was leading her to pray for some people outside.

My eyes were closed in prayer all this time. Suddenly I felt her hands on my head and heard her say, ‘Stop crying, you’re healed’. It instantly stirred my faith up, although I still felt pains. I had other experiences. They increasingly built my belief that the sermon was specifically for my condition, which led me to pray even more. 

I sensed an assurance that everything about my situation had been settled. So, after the service, I returned home and raised an altar of praise to God because I knew I was healed. 

Right now, I live with the assurance that everything is okay.

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