When I finished secondary school, I worked as a waiter and my first pay was N500.

I met many people while working as a waiter. I would see people anchor events like Gordons; actors that were masters of ceremony on the side and different comedians. I could only see them from afar. I also learnt courtesy and respect at the time.

It was fun for me because I was meeting people, but the plates were too much *lol*. I was washing serious plates. My hands were so white.

For 5 years, I worked in a corporate environment as a waiter in the kitchen department. I worked in Express Discount House and Intercontinental Discount House. My bosses are my clients now. They see me and are happy for me and like that I’ve grown. People invite me and pay my flight to come to the UK to perform. This is for someone who didn’t know what he wanted to do in life and who was studyng to become an Accountant.

On October 1, 2005, I became a professional comedian and on October 4, 2005, I got my first professional fee of N5,000.


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