When I was very young, I fell inside a well. I almost drowned, but was rescued.

When I was in the College of Education; leaving the theatre at night, I didn’t know there was conflict between two fraternities. As I stepped out, some cult guys pointed a gun at me, asking which group I belonged to. I told them I was an ordinary theatre art student and they left me.

Some years ago, I was going to Lagos from Abuja after an event, with a night bus. We were robbed and the thieves threatened to shoot everyone. I remembered a message my Pastor preached about King Hezekiah, telling God to remember his work, when he learnt he was going to die. I was the only one that was not robbed and God saved all of us.

The essence of my story is the only reason we are kept alive is to declare the glory of the Lord. We live, so that God may be glorified.


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