I was an unpredictable child. At first, my parents were told I wasn’t qualified to be alive, due to medical circumstances, but God kept me.

I discovered as a child, that I hated being boxed in. I discovered music and began to learn on my own. I wasn’t taught how to play the drums or the piano. I learnt by observation. I wrote my first song in 1999, without knowing anything about composition.

There was really no argument as to what I was meant to do – music. I faced many challenges, because of my kind of musical expression. I grew up in an orthodox church, where Handel’s Messiah is typical. Till date, I love hymns and the sound of the organ.

I believe hymns were forged in the furnace of afflictions. Similarly, in my life, I have learned patience and perseverance. God’s word is my consolation through hard times.


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