I spent over 4 years in a part time programme at Lagos State University with an epileptic academic calendar. I then decided to combine a full time banking job, a full time academic program and my professional qualification exams (ICAN and ACCA).

To friends and family, it was an academic and career suicide mission, but little did they know that my zeal came from wanting to make up for the wasted years. That passion outweighed any logical, technical, financial or mental constraints.

Having to stay up almost all night for over 4 years finally paid off. I remember how my GPA dropped from 3.78 to 2.87, when some lecturers felt insulted that a student who doesn’t attend lectures was among the top 5. They never knew I had Indian professors mentoring me on YouTube. I doubled my study time to still graduate against all odds with 3.35/4.00.

I stayed up all night at NYSC camp studying for ICAN exams holding a day after being discharged from camp. The sacrifices all paid off. I became ACCA and ICAN certified in the same year, with 2 ACCA awards in the bag.

Success is up for grabs to whoever is willing to pay the price. Whoever you are, wherever you are from; dreams come true to those who are willing to pay the price. No price, no prize. Never ever give up.


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