Adeolu Adefarasin

I once had an eye bleed and at first, I thought fluff from my winter scarf had entered my eye. But it got really bad at night and so, I was rushed to the hospital.

I needed surgery when the bleed began to block the vision in my left eye. The surgery went well and I seemed fine. Then I began to feel so much pain from complications arising from the surgery. I went back to the hospital and they were surprised I hadn’t passed out. Normal eye pressure is supposed to be 12 – 22mm Hg but the pressure in my eye was 43mm Hg!

I was given eye drops every half hour, so I couldn’t sleep. I had to live with my lights off; I couldn’t watch stuff on TV or my laptop, or look at my phone screen. It was a frustrating period for me.

I developed a high pain threshold and none of the drugs was working, so I was given an injection in my eye. The pain eventually came under control.

All of this lasted for about 4 months and I thank God I didn’t go blind. I wear glasses now and my relationship with God was strengthened during that period. I’m grateful for that.


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