Wole Olusola

As an undergraduate at the University of Ibadan, I was involved in all manner of vices: girls, beer, cigarettes, and marijuana. I saw born again Christians as low lives who had lost out on the good things of life, and saw serving God as their only consolation. Then on July 6, 1996, everything changed.

Six armed robbers broke into a friend’s house while I was there. One of them held a gun to my head. In a flash, I saw a screen before me as I lay there, and a replay of my life right from the day I was born until that moment. No detail was missing. I found myself on the ceiling looking down at my body on the floor. I went through the ceiling into the sky and kept going until I came to a lonely field. It stretched for miles and was pitch black. A force suddenly came from nowhere, pushed me, and I started moving. As I moved, the field sloped and started getting hotter. As it got hotter, I moved faster. I started hearing screams that can’t be described and words like, “Jesus have mercy, this fire is too much.” I knew I was on my way to hell.

As I traveled on, I suddenly found a great door in front of me. Just before I got to the door, I cried out, “Jesus, if you save me, I will serve you forever.” In an instant, I suddenly found myself back on the ground. As soon as I got back into my body, a force knocked the gun out of the armed robber’s hands. He looked at me and said, “You are so lucky” and then he left.

Later that night, I locked myself in my room, considered my life and wept. I kept asking, “Lord why? Why would you save a worthless person like me?” There and then, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.


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