Tbos Dur

I grew up in a Christian home, so I knew what was right. I just wanted to be bad. So, I did every crazy thing I could think of. When I got into university, I joined a cult and rose through the ranks easily.

Truth is, things began to spiral downwards for me because of some of the things I’d gotten into. After a while, I started to hallucinate. I would hear things; voices that were so clear. Spiritually, I could feel some presence around me.

During that period, there was a fight among fraternities and people were dying. So, the constant fear of death was with me. I remember a time I was walking and I heard a voice say, “It’s your time now.”

While all these strange things were happening, I would also hear God’s still small voice saying, “Guy I need you. I can keep you alive and safe.”

One night, there was no light. I was in my room sweating profusely. I told God, “I know you’re real but I need you to be real to me. I don’t want to die. If you can save me from what I’m going through, I’ll live for you.” Suddenly there was this strong wind, my windows opened and I felt peace. It was tangible. I began to cry.

I gave my life to Christ and ever since, my life has not remained the same. God kept me in University after renouncing cultism.


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