Tuke Morgan

I really didn’t have the talent to play the saxophone growing up.

At my school, everyone started playing a musical instrument from a very young age. Many of the students were better than me so I decided to work harder. I would walk all the way in the snow to practice. I would take lessons anywhere and everywhere. Anyone I saw that played the sax, I would talk to, get their numbers and ask what they could teach me. I later began to play with Pastor Kunle Ajayi at church and my confidence was built up. I played with my NYSC band too.

Someone recorded a single for me for free and people started calling me randomly to play at their events. That’s when I realised that this wasn’t just a hobby. I met Yomi Sax who taught me how to build my band. I also worked a regular 9 to 5 job and I would have to turn down gigs. I was frustrated, but my boss encouraged me. I wrote a presentation to my parents with 14 reasons why I should leave my job, lol. Two months later my parents let me resign.

I began to play the saxophone full time. I also blog and I’m a content creator, I do a bit of food photography too. I am a multipotentialite who has learnt to maximise time and make the best use of it.


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