My daughter Havilah was born a very healthy baby, but from her 2nd month, she became sickly.

On a faithful day, I noticed she was running a temperature. I used a wet cloth to dab her, but she got worse. Before I knew it, her breathing changed. When we got to the hospital, the doctor asked why I waited for my baby to die. I was like, “Who’s dead? My baby is still alive.” He said they’d try their best but from his experience, I brought in a dead child. We were later referred to a paediatric hospital.

When we got there, the doctor said we shouldn’t have waited this long, that we brought in a dead child. I told them to do whatever they could to bring my baby back to life, while I would face the person I know who gives life – God.

I remember praying, “God if you know you are really God, bring my baby back to life today, and if you choose to take her for your own reasons, then tomorrow do so. But, prove that you are the God I have been serving.” I was just talking like a mad woman.

My baby began to swell like a corpse. The doctor said, “Madam, let’s be realistic. You know you brought in a dead child? If you know your God, call him because nothing can be done.“ Every day I would go to the hospital and speak words to my baby, calling back her spirit.

The doctor then told me, “Madam, that God you serve, don’t ever leave him. Your baby looks like someone who is going to make it.” At this time, my baby was no longer dead, but was in a comma.

Havilah that was said to be dead, left the hospital before 2 weeks were up. The doctors called my child a miracle. She turned 4 this year, to the glory of God.


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