Walking Through the Fire

black lady in white

I will never forget my experience with fire in 2017, precisely on the evening of June 18. Someone had asked me to help light a kerosene lantern for my aunt. While I was at it, the lantern exploded!

They rushed me to the hospital because the fire that erupted burnt my face, neck and left arm. The pain I experienced from the burns were indescribable, the worst I have ever endured in my life. After they discharged me from the hospital, I returned there several times to dress my wounds, and for about four months, I stayed home doing nothing.
During that time, I couldn’t walk well or do much on my own but I was overwhelmed with love from my family and friends. My sister, Dr Ekemini Umoren, who is now late, took care of me without holding back.
Today, I can testify, ‘I passed through fire and came out as gold’! Many have been through less than I went through, yet didn’t make it out alive.
Although kerosene still scares me because of the damage it can cause, I know I am a masterpiece and no scar or blemish can destroy me.

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