My Child Suffered Because of my Ignorance

a pregnant woman

I was quite ignorant about child care when I had my first child, to the detriment of my baby. Unfortunately, my mum was unavailable when I gave birth, so an aunt assisted me. I needed the help, especially because I had a Caesarian Section.

I found out that the phenomenon of babies crying mostly at night and for hours is called colic, and it is sometimes caused by gas in their stomach. My baby experienced this, but I did not know what it was at the time. 

I heard some scary tales from unsolicited advisors. Some claimed that she was seeing evil spirits, while others said that she was a reincarnated child because of a scar on her face. Since I had no experience and couldn’t always afford to see a doctor, I was very gullible to these counsels whenever she was ill.

These stories worried and scared me, so I visited different prayer houses to get a solution. One of them told me that my baby was a stubborn child in her former life and that the scar on her head resulted from an accident she had when she stubbornly drove her father’s car against his wish. They applied many things on my baby, but none of them stopped her from crying at night. I noticed that she just stopped crying by herself as she grew older. 

Now that I have another child, I am more experienced. I read about infant colic and the knowledge came in handy when my other child started crying at night. I am better informed and can handle the situation better. Once I am not convinced about any information concerning my child, I always seek a professional’s opinion.

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