He Raped Me and Told Me to Look Him up on Facebook

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December 27th, 2019, is a day I will not forget in a hurry. My brother and I had gone outside the house to turn on the generator that evening. Afterwards, we decided that he should go in through the back door and I through the front door. That way, we could lock them simultaneously.

When I got in, there were four masked men with knives and machetes. They asked and I told them my brother was outside. Just then, he came inside.

They asked us to lie on the ground while they switched off the lights. They took our phones and speakers, and asked my brother for his ATM pin after taking the card. Then they called me into the room and ordered me to undress.

Rather than agree, I knelt down and pleaded with them. I knew where my brother usually kept money from his office, and I told them about it. I hoped that it would appease them. But when one of them cut my shoulder with his machete, I had no choice but to surrender.

Three of the four of them took turns to rape me. When they finished, one of them said he wanted to see my useless face. Then he said, ‘When you are pregnant, check-up Emmanuel Johnson on Facebook and contact me’. Just before they left, he informed us that they came to kill, but we should be grateful to God that they changed their minds.

Since I didn’t see their faces, I don’t know if the name he gave me was genuine or if he just wanted to set someone else up. Except for my brother who was there that day and my sister whom I later told, nobody knew about this terrible incident. 

During the December 31st cross over service in church a few days later, the minister told us that God wanted someone to forgive and let go of hurts. I knew God was talking to me and I trust that his healing power is at work in me. Although it has been tough, I think I have moved on.

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