My General Approach to Things is That I Just Start

Uduak Ekpo

After 2 years of working at the bank, I decided it was time to be my own boss and find another source of income. I gave myself a timeline to begin this new venture but I couldn’t because of my work and excuses as a human being. It took me another 2 years before I eventually started the business.

My general approach to life, based on experience, is to just start. I feel like the most difficult part is to begin. If I don’t try it, how would I know if I like it? As a rule, I try not to limit myself to only things that I know. I like to start and then put in my best every day until I get perfection.

One day I just started my business. I didn’t have any elaborate plan but I was tired of procrastinating. I just chose something I love, and that was cooking, so I started a food service. Even though it was something I love doing, I found it really tasking to do alongside the crazy banking hours. I would wake up by 3 am some days so I could get everything ready and still arrive at work in good time. I wasn’t getting enough sleep and this was affecting my performance at work.

After a while, I decided to put the cooking business on hold. It was demanding, and I decided to face something else that I love. I love looking good and I’m also good at pairing clothes together, so I started selling fashion items as well.

By the time I left the bank job, I had my food business and my fashion business. It’s a lot of work but no one ever has “died of working hard” on their obituary. 

I still cook up a storm in the kitchen and the fashion side has evolved into content creation, editing, styling, influencing tutorials, and more. I’m really happy with how far I’ve come and I know that better days are ahead of me.

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