An Evening Ride Gone Wrong

I had just met this guy, and he said he wanted to go on a stroll. I agreed. He came to my place that evening and asked me to go on a ride with him since he was driving. I didn’t feel safe getting into that car; a thought kept telling me that I didn’t have to go, but I ignored it.

We drove around my neighbourhood for a while and then he went out of the area. Once we were out of my area, he started making advances and touching me. I tried to stop him but he became increasingly forceful. He drove to a lonely road and threatened me. Initially, I figured nothing would happen because he would be driving, but at this point, I started getting really worried. I told him I was going to shout and he said no one would hear me. It dawned on me that he had planned this beforehand.

He drove out of the lonely road and started speeding. I had to do something, so I began to struggle for the steering. The car was swerving and he was still going fast so I left the steering. It was clear that he had a destination in mind and I made up my mind that I was not going to get there with him. 

I wound the window down and jumped out while the car was still moving. I hit my head and bruised my waist, but I’m grateful to God that He gave me the wisdom to jump out and He kept me safe while I was at it. Two guys helped me get home. I got the bruises treated. The whole experience scarred me, and for over a year I didn’t get into cars except I knew the people well.

Looking back now, I should have listened to that thought that warned me against entering his car. I’m just grateful I am here to tell the story.

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