I Thought COVID-19 Was A Fluke


I had malaria and typhoid symptoms so I got drugs from the pharmacy which seemed to work. Suddenly, by the next week, I developed a serious fever and lost my sense of smell and taste.

It was so bad that my wife had to dab my skin with cold water since I was too hot. I didn’t think it was COVID because I had gotten the vaccine, even though I thought the disease was just a fluke. I thought that surely that should be enough.

When things got worse, I went to the teaching hospital for a COVID test and it came out positive. Thankfully my wife and my baby were negative. I went into self-isolation. 

When that wasn’t working, I had to go to the isolation centre where I was given medical care. My breath was becoming sharper, I had a serious dry cough and my eyes were pale and reddish so I spent some weeks receiving treatment there. Now, I’m strong and I feel better. 

It was a terrible experience but I’m grateful for life and healing.

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