I Chose my Life and 3 Children

I chose my children

When I signed up for marriage, I didn’t sign up for verbal and physical abuse. In addition to the abuse from both mother and son, I had no money to stand on my own. Despite that, I decided to leave for the sake of my life and my 3 children.

I needed my own money so I learnt a bit and started a business. My family saw what I was going through and they rallied around and supported me however they could. I got into network marketing and I moved from one company to another and started supplies too.

Being a single mother, especially for someone like me, is rather interesting. Some days I’m proud of the courage to choose life and my three children and on other days, I can’t help but notice how people react to me – the woman raising three children alone.

Then of course there’s the issue of money.

I found that my savings could not cover my boy’s needs when he was set to leave for secondary school this year. There are things I will not do for money and in challenging times, these offers come around like they were waiting patiently. I affirmed my decision to stand by my values.

With the resumption date fast approaching, all attempts to raise or even borrow money failed. We hadn’t bought anything yet and my business had just suffered some loss. That’s a very scary moment for any parent. You start to feel that you have let your innocent child down; a child who depends on you and trusts you. At a point, I just sat at home and cried because I had run out of options.

Two days to resumption, I had a call from a debtor, and he paid all he owed me. The joy was unexplainable; I cried. I rushed to buy things to prepare my child for school. 

God came through! I know He won’t let me regret leaving a harmful situation.

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