My Dad Found Out My Little Secret

I was born into a Muslim home and my father took his faith seriously; he even made sure I attended an Arabic school. One day I went to the cyber cafe and the owner of the place spoke to me about Christ and the need for me to surrender to Him. That day, I agreed to give my life to Christ just to get the man off my back. That was how it started.

Months after that, when I was done with secondary school, I found myself going back to him to learn. He was a very nice man and sometimes I wished he was my dad.

After a while, I got serious in church. One day, I was playing the role of a pastor’s wife in a church play. My husband and I were asked to renounce Christ, and we refused. In that drama, my husband was beheaded. What I didn’t know was that the play was a mirror for what was about to happen in a matter of minutes.

My dad had returned home and didn’t find anyone in the house. When my sister saw he was back, she came to the church to call me, but my dad caught her going in. That was how my secret romance with Christ became public knowledge.

My dad waited for us to come out. I was so scared. 

When he asked me why I was there, I told him I had been going to church. He was livid; he beat me up so much that day. The church was just opposite our house, so the members saw what I went through. I was 16 at the time. After that, he sent me out and refused to pay my fees during my university days. My school days were very tough, but God surrounded me with good people and a lot of help.

Later, my Dad came around. We had a good relationship before he passed. God understands why I had to go through that, and I’m grateful that I’m still standing.

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