I Won’t Give Up on my Son

I was one of those people who believed that male children were more valuable than female children. You could have three female children and people would tell you that your boy was coming but if you had only three boys, you were the accomplished mother. So even with my lovely girls, I kept hoping for a boy. Years after my last girl, I finally had a son. When I look back today, I imagine how peaceful my latter years would have been if I didn’t have him. 

He has caused me so much pain and disgrace. He’s either stealing from market women, fighting, or getting arrested. I’ve bailed him from police detentions within and outside the state, I have refunded money for stolen items, begged the people he beat up, and more. He’s over forty. I don’t see what we did wrong in the way he was raised, but obviously, something went wrong. When you look at his sisters, it’s hard to believe they’re from the same home. Now it is clear to me that a female child is just as valuable as a male child.

People say I should stop bailing him out, but I just keep quiet. I am careful not to push him over the edge. He has even threatened to beat me up several times but I can’t let my own son do that. The curse would be too heavy. I’ve decided not to lay any curse on him. All I will do is just keep praying for him. I won’t give up on him. I believe that is all I can do now.

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