When I started to sing, it wasn’t all that easy.

I joined a mass choir when I was 16 going to 17, at a church in Ilorin. During my audition, the choir director told me that my voice wouldn’t sing, and he asked how I even got into the choir. He also believed I was tone deaf, so whenever we ministered, I was placed at the back.

I started working on myself, learning the theory of music, solfa notations, etc. But whenever I was given an opportunity to score a song or to lead praise and worship, I would shy away, until God told me that if I continued to shy away from things, I wouldn’t grow. That day was a defining moment for me. I told myself whether I can or can’t, I’m going to attempt it.

People that knew me and are still in touch with me now, marvel at how much I have evolved. I relocated to Lagos and joined a church that was just starting. I became the music director and still am, 5 years later. We started the choir from scratch and everybody that’s been to our church knows that our music is more than average, thanks to God who inspires us.

No matter what people say about you, know that what’s important, is what you say about yourself.


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