I started masturbating in SS1 to beat the desire for sex. (I was molested.) I was already used to sex and couldn’t hold myself. In SS2, I read Isaiah 61 and had a sudden burden the passage was referring to me, but I felt too guilty and filthy to accept.

I got admission to Unilorin in October 2012, after I survived the accident that claimed the life of my parents and family friend. Everyone kept saying God had kept me for a purpose. I had it somewhere at the back of my mind, but I just couldn’t decipher how it would come to be, because of all the mess I was involved in.

Resuming in Unilorin, I got myself into a greater mess. Sex was already an addiction. I got involved in several relationships for sex and between 100 level and 200 I already had 2 abortions.

I got involved with a guy who introduced me to drugs and in no time, I was an expert in smoking weed and taking pills. Alcohol became my soft drink.

Few months later, I was tired. I knew I had gone too far and needed to stop.

On my own, I ended the relationship and decided to go back to God. I met a counsellor and committed myself to a church. I was gaining my feet gradually. God accepted me.

In January, I fell ill and discovered I was pregnant. I accepted it as a price to pay for my promiscuity but I wondered why God would allow it, since I was back to him. I started to study the Bible consistently and got mentors who guided me. It became clear to me that God never loved me less. He erased my past and gave me a fresh page to start on.

In October 2016, I wanted to help other people who had the same story as mine, or are suffering with self-esteem issues. So, I started Oaks of Righteousness Network with a virtual conference to help reach out to them.

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